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Procrastination is real. I am living proof of it. I am currently procrastinating my studies about Advanced TypeScript so that I can push out a new article in a half hour. At least I’m being productive? Maybe? Maybe Not? Let’s see where this ends up.

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You glance at my LinkedIn. You can assume I am only a web developer. I’ve worked in the front end, tinkered with the back end and I’ve painted with code for a lot of companies in my 20 year career. Former colleagues have given me a lot of endorsements on…

How to make JetBrains.. SEXY!!

Step 01: Goto Plugins

Step 02: Download One Dark Theme by Mark Skelton FIRST

Step 03: Download Atom One Dark By Mayke

Step 04: Goto Appearance

Step 05: Make sure the theme is AtomOneDarkByMayke

Step 06: Use Custom Font Lucida Grande at Size 14


Version Control in General, Why?

  • merges files when there is more than one person working on the same file.
  • acts like a time capsule where you can check past commits if you ever need to go back.

Why is GIT better?

  • It’s a distributed repo. Everyone has a copy on their machines.
  • It’s not in a central repository.
  • You…

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So, what precisely is ESLint? What does it do? Where does it originate from? Can it be my buddy? I’ll tell you that and more after this commercial break.

Welcome back! So, ESLint is a code linting utility that was invented just for JavaScript. It was devised way back…

I declare that all variables must be announced at the top of each function. It is cleaner for the eye.

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-based scripting language. It supports a runtime system based on a small number of data types representing numeric, Boolean, and string values. It has a prototype-based object model which provides dynamic inheritance. It also supports functions without any special declarative requirements. …

Philip John Basile

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